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Bubble Wrap

Dear Bubbles:
When I wrap my framed prints for shipping, which way does the bubble wrap go? Bubbles in or out?

Dear Al:

This question reminds me of another question: “Should the toilet paper go over or under the roll?” You do you, my friend. You do you.

According to Duck Brand, which sells Bubble Wrap®, the bubbly side should face the object you are wrapping so that the air pockets protect it. The flat side should face outward. Otherwise, the bubbles have a higher risk of popping during shipping.

Did you know? Sealed air was invented in 1957 by a couple of engineers (Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes) who smashed two shower curtains together. This resulted in a lot of air bubbles. They tried to sell it as wallpaper. Talk about conceptual blending! They were unsuccessful, so they attempted to market it as greenhouse insulation instead. Also, unsuccessful. It wasn’t until 1960, when IBM used it, that it became the protective packing material we use today.

While packing your prints, you might have to resist the urge to pop the bubbles. Scientists  have proven it is not only tremendously satisfying but also addictive. I mean, what’s not to like about bubbles?!

Happy shipping!

Be well, be wild,


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