• Broad landscape scene of the Colorado River weaves through Cataract Canyon in southern Utah

    Getting In Your Head

    Dear Bubbles, What goes through your head when you make a photograph? Adam Dear Adam, Why, this has to be the scariest question we’ve ever had on Dear Bubbles! To help answer your question, I started paying closer attention to…

  • Photography

    Bring It All

    Dear Bubbles: What lens should I bring to [insert any location]? ~Every photographer at one point in their life Dear Every photographer at one point in their life, Easy! You should absolutely bring the lens that most closely resembles the…

  • Life,  Photography

    Planning to Not Plan

    Dear Bubbles: How much planning do you do before you go on a photo shoot? ~Doug Dear Doug, Because it’s fresh in my mind and representative of how I plan for most of my outings, I’ll offer how I approached…