• Photography

    Seeing the Light

    Dear Bubbles, How do you see contrast? ~Muhammad Dear Muhammad, Verrrrrry carrrrrrrefully! The very word “photography” derives from the Greek words “phos” (light) and “graphis” (paint) which together means “to paint with light.” Without light, a photograph does not exist.…

  • Photography

    Entering the Third Dimension

    Dear Bubbles: Even though I’ve been in classes of all sorts, and I’ve been taught the things, I’m still not getting the great depth in my images that I see in yours. I know about foreground, midground, and background, but…

  • Sunburst in Bears Ears

    Bracketing: When One isn’t Enough

    Dear Bubbles: Do you bracket your exposures? Should I be bracketing? ~Confused  Dear Confused: The answer to both questions—as with most questions related to photography—is, it depends. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “bracket” as “to take photographs of at more than…