• Sunburst in Bears Ears

    Bracketing: When One isn’t Enough

    Dear Bubbles: Do you bracket your exposures? Should I be bracketing? ~Confused  Dear Confused: The answer to both questions—as with most questions related to photography—is, it depends. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “bracket” as “to take photographs of at more than…

  • Photography

    Getting it White

    Dear Bubbles: I tried to photograph snow for the first time last week but all my pictures came back too dark. I was able to lighten them in Lightroom, but I’m wondering if something is wrong with my camera? Do…

  • Photography

    Histogram is Out of Shape

    Dear Bubbles: I shoot in JPEG format. I’ve heard that my histogram should look like a bell curve. I can never get it to look like that. What am I doing wrong? ~Feeling Exposed Dear Feeling Exposed: I’m glad you’re…